Where Boundaries
are Pushed & Connections are Made

Valens connects. Our technology distributes ultra-high-definition content for all markets: audiovisual, automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics. Because you need it. And because we can.

From Dream to Victory: The Valens Story

It began with six founders and a dream to create a technology that could and would change the world. As a startup working out of a basement, their dream began taking on new dimensions.
Today, with over 250 employees, eight offices, dozens of awards, and tens of millions of chips sold, Valens is more than a dream come true. This is the story of a company that pushes the boundaries of wired connectivity. Everywhere.

Connecting the World One Patent at a Time

In 10 years of innovation, we have submitted almost 100 patents, 55 of which have been granted. We are continuously reinventing and broadening the scope of our technology.

The Birth of a Super Alliance

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, four leading companies joined forces to battle the challenges of connectivity. Together, they established the HDBaseT Alliance and advanced HDBaseT as the global standard for ultra-HD digital connectivity. Today, the Alliance counts with more than 180 members.

Enabling Connectivity One Chipset at a Time…

In 2010, Valens launched the VS100 Product Family. Since then, Valens’ chipsets have been integrated into hundreds of products, such as switches, matrixes, displays, projectors, AV receivers, extenders… And we continue to skyrocket!

Ahead of the Curve

The beauty of Valens’ HDBaseT technology is the ability to enable the best connectivity under almost any environmental condition. Looking forward to setting a new pace for in-vehicle connectivity, Valens enters the automotive sector.

"We are a great distance from realizing the potential of the technology. We haven’t even started yet.”

Massad Eyal | Co-founder

Just Another Day at the Office